Youtube knows sexy
I think youtubes auto closed caption feature could use some work. lol
I think YouTube should ease up on selecting custom thumbnails for videos, this is
YouTube Thumbnails are getting ridiculous
This is what I get for whitelisting Youtube in Adblock Plus.
Thumbnail Combo Innuendo at the end of a YouTube Video
This YouTube generated playlist breaks YouTube's guidelines.
I don't think it's fair that YouTube allows Thumbnails like this. What do you think?
YouTube channel is threatening to hack me [NSFW?]
YouTube has been Getting extremely pornographic lately. I'm not even subscribed to
I spent two days watching music and now my YouTube homepage looks like a porn site
Please stop with the fucking disgusting ads, Youtube
Real Family Friendly Youtube
WTF YouTube?
(NSFW) check out the filth that YouTube recommended me and my 2 X 7yo girls watch.
(NSFW) Twice in 24hrs YouTube has recommended a video with a pornographic image.
[NSFW] Wtf youtube
What the fuck is this? Are you joking YouTube?
I did a LOT of dimension hopping until i could find a Leak for the next YouTube Update
She is running 3 ads on this video, while the rest of us are getting demonitized
Bestiality hidden on YouTube (search last week or month) how to teach your dog to
It's Official, Youtube Allows Porn on it's site. Ridiculous.
YouTube, WHAT THE FUCK?!!!
Check out these YouTube thumbnails [NSFW]
YouTube is down and the sub is exploding. The mods will never see this. :3
[NSFW] YouTuber Etika’s YouTube account with 800k+ was allegedly hacked. Porn,
Excuse me what the fuck Youtube [NSFW]
Wait so YouTube is advertising porn now?? NSFW
More advertising on youtube
YouTube deleted my decade old channel with no video's, for nudity/sexual content.
[NSFW] Youtube Mobile Advertising Naked Bodypillows
[NSFW] YouTube needs to fix this. They fixed the other word but forgot about this
[Abuse Ad] No matter how many times I’ve tried to tell YouTube I don’t want these
[Abuse Ad] god damn hot singles in YouTube
[NSFW] literally porn ads on youtube
[Abuse ad] YouTube just straight up advertises hentai...
Corporations? More like, corrupt-orations! Because, since, youtube is corrupt! And
[abuse ad] I report these sex game advertisements every time I see them, but they’ve
What the fuck YouTube?
What the hell YouTube, how is literal child pornography allowed as an ADVERTISEMENT
[Abuse ad] How the hell is literal child pornography allowed as an ADVERTISEMENT
[Tos] Why does YouTube allow this kind of ads?
[Abuse Ad] Why Does YouTube Allow These Disgusting Ads on their Feeds?
I love YouTube's ads so much :/
[NSFW] So this just popped up when I started the Youtube App...
[Abuse ad] YouTube has no standards for its ads these days.
YouTube showing NSFW advertisement with explicit language [Dutch]
WTF Youtube? Album of five ads with porn in them that I've seen. Any way to report
Wtf is this ad on my youtube ? 18+
[Kinda NSFW] WTF, is YouTube even reviewing the ads before showing them to users
YouTube happy to advertise this kind of thing, but God forbid a creator swears during
Youtube won't allow me to create "watch when wrestling with a boy" playlist.
YouTube ads...smh
This is really embarrassing - as for porn sites right on YouTube
Hum.. please youtube, could you control your ads? We can't even report nor hide it..
Youtube ads are... Yeah...
Thanks for the recommendation YouTube - I can't wait to listen to that song
YouTube, what the fuck are you doing?
Youtube: Removes videos with swear words Also youtube: