Asked my hiking bud if I could get a vid of him pissing to post here. He said no
Otter piss
All kinds of perfect
I'll drink to that
sometimes you just can't hold back
getting wet
I volunteer to be his urinal boy!
I guess I was a bit thirsty
I need more friends like this
Push harder
Thorough soaking
Dude has strong pressure
Wetting himself
Yeah that's the correct aim
Starts pissing mid-blow job
When Jay gets hard he loses control of his bladder and sprays endlessly- fortunately,
Fun in the rain
Guy is leaking
Keeping my feet warm outside (leave a request in comments)
Young hunk
Not enough guys pissing on themselves here
Who wants to drink from my tap?
taking a leak
I couln't hold it anymore as you can see
having a drink
some guys used my cunt as a urinal, I think that was after number three.
Watering the garden
Oops, I peed myself a little
I don't do this often - just when I get really horny
Morning piss
Got the memo to go green and recycle. Instructions unclear.
Pissing at my girlfriends house after she sucked my soul out of my cock.
Self drinking puppy
Pissing into a restroom's floor drain. Naked, on all fours, and ass to the door.
My Straight Buddy Neo Pissing in the Shower With a Beer
drink up you worthless slut
Hi guys
get down
Pissing naked this morning
Imagine being on the other side of that...??
Just a shot of my morning piss
Ranch Living
Sandy Beach - Nick Capra
letting go
No Hands
Pissing in the woods
Pissing on his truck
Pissing through the fence
Hard and Pissing outdoors
Don't mind me
Salty and Sweet
Having a drink
letting go
want some of this?
Nature called in the middle of my photo shoot
How's this for a POV ?
Morning piss
Morning piss