Scrubs hide everything so well. Happy hump day!
Co-worker saw me in a normal shirt and said, "Damn girl! Where you been hiding
Favorite scrubs pants ?
Little flash in my scrubs before work!
Hi r/GoneWildScrubs!!
My booty cures all ailments!
That's enough panties for this nurse today!
Need a minute to myself on this busy day
Going commando under the scrubs today!
What's under my scrubs today?
Using a little break from work to take pictures for you ;)
Happy Halloween!
My [f]irst time here ?
Have a safe titty Tuesday. Love your friendly neighborhood nurse. ?
Different scrubs, different locker, same slutty nurse [f]
Missed you GoneWildScrubs!!! ?
Gotta do something to pass the time during shift
Not quite my (f)irst time posting here, but this time I'm asking if I can please
Wish I was getting off soon!
Back in Blue and Oh So Horny
Happy Tuesday!
Not sure if this counts....
You guys have good taste
When you find a hallway that's hardly ever used with awesome lighting... you take
In Scrubs, Out of Scrubs! Happy Friday! ?
Post-graveyard shift in the ER :)
What you see is what you get boys... Try not to stare for too long??⚡[f] (oc)
How this nurse celebrates a Saturday night off. ??
Y'all don't like me very much, ?‍♀️ oh well ? I'm still going to post [f] (oc)
Watermelon pussy ? ?Sweet & juicy? will run all down your chest when devoured
For this next part... we don’t need pants. ??
Do you prefer your nurse with or without glasses? ??
hand hygiene saves lives ?
Nurses can be cute & wanna be covered in cum at the same time, right? ??
Patients just don’t know how kinky I am... If they only knew! ??‍♀️? [oc]
Thank you for sorting by nurses who like to be slutty
Hopefully you aren't too tired of seeing my booty selfies at work ?
I usually prefer booty pictures, but today I felt like showing you the front view
Felt cute might quit nursing later. This post on GoneWildScrubs came from meetlovefast.com.
I prefer my scrubs on the floor. What about you?
If you looked you owe me a spank
Mind if I examine that bulge in your pants?
I might be an internet whore but.... well but nothing. Just kind of an internet whore
Ever ate a nurse booty?
New scrubs always leads to nude scrubs pics!
Felt a bit naughty at work today
Patients love to stare, would you?
Boobies are fun. Naughty nurses are too
Just thinking dirty things
I love taking titty selfies at work. Scrubs are sexy
Clearly I get myself a little turned on doing this hehe
Booty hole time!
I know I'm a little thicker than some of the beautiful women here... but I just love