As soon as dad leaves for the day, mom and I are working on the addition.
My sister Skyped me with updates every day I was traveling around the world, and
"Surprise, bro!"
Whoops, sorry sis.
"You may get a surprise the next time you suck on 'em, bro."
After the accident, my sister and I tried a different approach.
My brother never learned when to quit.
I came home early to surprise my sister. I think she was already dreaming about me.
When I'm far away at college, sis fires up the webcam to show me what's waiting.
My sister isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but I still love her.
After a while, the idyllic life at my aunt's cabin grew a bit too relaxed.
Well son, what did you expect to happen after you visited me every night for a month?
I think sis is enjoying her new curves as much as I am.
Sis likes to remind me how well our Luke and Leia cosplay turned out.
Sis is a little jealous of our cousin. But I told her she's next.
My sister and I won't let one accident ruin the whole summer together.
*You* did this in one night, nephew. Impressive.
Mom uses the webcam in my old room to show how things are going since I left.
Mom has got curves in all the right places.
Mom always said I couldn't show favorites among my sisters.
My little sister always loved to play housewife. But playing can get carried away.
After a while, the beach lifestyle caught up with my sister and me.
Each day when I come home now, mom's waiting in my room.
Sis hasn't stopped visiting my room since that fateful first time.
Sis is actually pretty proud of what we've accomplished.
Sis doesn’t mind me peeking in the shower now, considering.
My sister and I haven't bothered to fix the TV since it broke eight months ago.
With sis as my only roommate, there's not much point in closing the doors anymore.
[M/S] Important clothing choices
Keeping my daughter safe in quarantine also means preserving our secret a little
Hormones and quarantine have made life home with mom even more interesting.
Sis is right. I owe her new clothes, since it's my fault none of them fit anymore.
My cousin may be trashy, but I'm still sure it's mine.
I've only been in the country for 9 months, but I can tell my Japanese cousin will
My sister keeps her room so messy, it was hopeless trying to find the condoms.
I always look forward to the update photos from my daughter.
I'm actually glad that sis and I have to spend Christmas at my apartment. Too much
This year, we both agreed is was about time I started sleeping in mom's bedroom.
Because of all of mom's hormones, I'm not allowed to sleep in this winter break.
When I stopped using my aunt's spare bedroom, I didn't think someone else would need
Since I haven't been at home with mom in months, she insists on Skyping every day.
Among the challenges of sharing an apartment with my sister, sharing the bed was
When I'm feeling bummed about the new lockdown, sis sends me a reminder of when we
While sis tries to stay zen about the whole thing, I'm just stoked I'll be a dad.
If she's half the mother, as she is a sister... our son will be one lucky boy
My sister has even more curves to show off to me nowadays.
After a few months at the beach, I couldn't convince my sister it was just a food
Among the likely many Lockdown Babies, my aunt's will be just a little harder to
All it takes is a short video from my cousin to remind me of all the good times we
Lockdown in a trailer park has meant the inevitable for my sister and me.
All that yoga is helping sis keep calm about our little situation.
Mom may be ready to pop, but when she does, the same thing may happen over again.
Even though we agreed to no clothes in lockdown, mom still heads outside at the slightest
Sis takes up more of the couch now, but it's partly my fault.
The flowers are out now, but my sister is really blossoming.
I don't know how long sis will fit into her old pants, but at least I can talk her
I'm glad my sisters are all taking the news so well.
Now more than ever, I'm trying to keep aunty in bed.
After-school tutoring with my cousin ended up going beyond the standard curriculum.