Just gettin' ready for hump day
Celebrating my cake day...
Found on Tumblr somewhere. Hot as hell
Adorable Twinks
Just one finger
First time posting on this subreddit (me)
A teasing finger
Ecstasy ?
One of my all-time favourite gifs
Three fingers going at it
A single finger ?
Four fingers up in this ass
1 in
Just one finger
In need of attention
I want to play with it more, wanna tell me how?
Couldn't stay away.
It's handy having long fingers :)
Love Fingering Myself
A little self indulgence
Couldn’t help myself when I got home.
Slowly working in the 2nd. Still so tight
Feeling myself
Warming up
Having some fun 2 nights ago
Play with my balls while I loosen my hole up?
Knuckle deep!
Milking myself
prepping myself for the toys I just bought ?
I can fit 4 fingers in my 20 year old asshole!
(18) feels amazing
(18) slip it in ?
Haven't used mine much, still pretty tight
(18) I'm a buttslut and proud of it
Getting ready for my dildo
Loosening up using my fingers!
One is never enough...
Could really use a cock instead
Fingering and Slapping My Hungry Hole! (Full Vid in Comments)
(18) one down, three to go.
More fingers = More fun
I seem to be enjoying myself
That little dribble must mean I approve
[20] Just the tip
It’s so warm in there :)
Nice little warmup
It's tight
Can't get enough, can you help?
Love using my fingers
Wet Sissy
Feels so good ?
2 fingers in my greedy ass
Two fingers feels amazing
Bent over in my livingroom