Out On The Veranda
My only pair of CK tighty-whities
Bro got back
Clean cut
Do you even squat bruh?
I realized it's been a while since I posted last
Firm and forearms
Insert face here
Tired of me yet?
Postworkout booty incoming
Who else likes to be naughty in the kitchen?
Booty Beauty
My back is making progress too ?
Too Big?
How about a preshower snap?
Is this just an ass sub, or do my quads count?
Exploring The Local Scenery
Embracing The Cold
Hamstrings coming in hot
College life
I can't find shorts that fit ?
Stuck Sand
Let’s go swimming
Out of this world
Had to buy a bigger jockstrap, I wonder why?
Free & Easy
Rear View
I Love Tight Squeezes
Backward hat bro (would love to know the model's name!)
I Squat.. and deadlift too ;-)
New year, same nurse. Want an injection? ? ?
Work It
This ..........
My gym jockstrap
Enjoy The View
Quad progress
Definitely can Say I was feeling it. My Skin Tightening from those ass and leg muscles.
Had to move from squats to yoga during lockdown :(
Breakfast is ready
I squat and hip thrust
Ripe for eating
Bulgarian Split Squats are a killer but totally worth it..?
Dead after leg day..
He doo
God bless leg day
It keeps popping out
big ass
in bed
my favorite position
my little bum
Is this enough cake for you?
How’s my ass looking?
I love to squat
The view before I sit on your face