Clipped and Hooked
With only her thoughts
Pain in the ass(hole)
Fully Exposed
In a trance
Hanged and fucked
With barbed wire
My Favorite machine
[F] Being Taught a Lesson
[F] Ripping off clips
[F] Filled up
[F][M] Buddies
[F] I know it hurts, it's supposed to
[F] That face
[F] You get to be comfortable or you get to cum. Both is not an option.
[F] Horse Ride
[F] Cherry Torn: Before & After
[F] Struggling in vain
[F] Open wide
[F] Left Hanging
[F] The waiting is the hardest part.
[F] Being sufficiently hydrated is important for female sexual response
[F] Secret Garden Sadism
[F] Empty
[F] Big City Girls With Big City Dreams
[F] That'll teach her to stop stealing office supplies
[F] Every time she makes a sound, a stone is added to the bucket
[F] Pleading Eyes
[F] I like to call this game 'Horse Versus Calves'
[F] Privacy Denied
[F] Bulging & Bruised
[F] Waxed & Worked
[F] Filled up
[F] Understands her place
[F] Zapanese
[F] Good girls don't spread their legs.
[F][F] Race to the finish
[F] Turn it up
[M][F] Nightmare & Fantasy
personal prison [f]or my slut
[F] Measured Breath
[F] The Gift of Giving
[F] My Mistress didn't like it when I complained about the rope...
[F] Tit in a box
[F] 100 Miles from Nowhere
[F] Punished for insolence
[F] Dancing Lessons
[F] Taut
[F] The Lower Holes
Tandem Torture
Can't even move her toes
They had advertised the cheapest lip piercings in town
You Can't Hide Anything
She's loving every second of it
The very beginning her indoctrination...