HATE to see you go ...
Fishnet bodysuit? Check! Stiletto heels? Check! Dat ass?
Gaga backstage
Massive Cheek
Don't remember seeing this one here but one of my faves
Not her ass but her delicious tits
Would eat it like groceries
Would you look at that
Gaga's full-frontal scene from A Star is Born.
Whoever gets to pound her doggystyle is my hero
We all want to have her in this position
Praise be
Gaga’s posterior
Glass ceiling
Shes keeping it tight
Lovely in Lace
Great ass!
Side Shot + Long Legs
V Magazine (2013)
Thought I'd zero in on that perfect fat Italian butt
Not her ass but the best dress she ever wore. Must be appreciate.
Dear Stefani Germanotta, you thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
Gaga being cheeky
I love how these fishnets conform to the contours of those thick Italian cheeks
I want to pick her thong out of her ass cheeks with my mouth
(Sexy) Battle Damaged fishnets with a healthy side of ASS
Artrave had some incredible ass moments, here's hoping we get something spectacular
Just wanted to share the best ass that's ever graced this planet.
Once again, Artrave was peak cheeks for Ms Germanotta
Let us never forget the time Gaga went to a club after an ArtRave performance and
Just wanted to drop this insane amount of cheek fold here for everyone
Goddamn you MTV Awards, you need to have streamed this in HD
Wow, I can finally just straight up post a favorite photo of mine
Coloured II
America's ass
I'm a very big fan of how much larger her derriere is than her chest
Lady fucking gaga
Legs up
Her ass is amazing
Tied Up
On Her Knees
Sexy Legs with A Side of Ass
Apple bottom
Sexy fishnets
I think this picture sums it up.
Red Leotard
Glad to see this sub is active again
Lady Gaga 2009
Hands on ass
In a leotard
How to eat ass and win at life
Showing all the goods