My dearly departed bush
I don't often wear thongs, but when I do...
Guys, I swear to you... I am NOT peeing in my kitchen
Sorry for my absence the past few days. Please accept this humble peace offering
Potential Halloween costume :)
Good morning ( ˘ ³˘)♥
The best kind of cake to celebrate my cake day? Pound cake.
TBT, when I was still modest in my pictures
What what, it's my butt
Something something blah blah blah boobs and stuff
Special half-off deal for Black Friday!
Rockin' some new holes
Some people asked about the back...
I look pretty tall for a short girl
Still a bit puffy, but my holes look pretty good
Close up of my booty ;)
Prepare your face. This is happening.
It's nice to stay in bed for a while :)
Sometimes I look kinda athletic but I'm really not
Good morning! I'm naked, nice to meet you
Hello, my love
My Native American name is Little Big Butt
Happy Saturday :)
Just lounging... how you doin'?
How to stop texting and driving
Waiting for my coffee to brew
It feels pretty drafty for some reason
Welcome home :)
Let me close the door, and then we can get down to business ;)
Just don't ask, okay?
I snuck off to the bathroom yesterday to take these :D
Come join me in bed :)
Morning stretch :)
I wasn't sure if I could still rock these leggings...
Feelin' Blue
Say Hello to my little friend
Got my hair cut. What do you think?
Celebrating the end of stupid 2016. Here's to a new year!
You could say I'm a handful...
Hard nips, what a surprise :P
In honor of Penguin Awareness Day I wore my favorite slippers :D
Something something TGIF!
Happy Valentine's Day!
I know this may come as a shock, but I'm not always naked :O
I might have a thing for nice calves :D
Coffee... only thing better than morning sex :)
I just love natural lighting
There's room for 2 ;)
*Insert title here*
I can't wait for the fireworks!
Do these stripes make my ass look fat?
What do you guys think of my dress?