A r/bootfetish exclusive! Think you can [f]it under my heel? Because that's where
[FF] My slavegirl playing footstool... It's nice to put your feet up after a session
{Requested} These are all of my pleasers and other heeled boots!
"It's not going to lick itself"
A lot of you guys liked my buckled boots so here is a picture I wasn't going to post
Show me your devotion to my boots
Empress Mika in thigh-high boots ~
Normally I wear longer boots, but I felt like the shorter boots showed off my leather
I was going to post a really cool picture in these boots but then my dog's toy got
Pretty in Pink
On the ground
New here...do you like?
Buckle boots
Worship my boots
Krystelle Lacroix
All Black (OC)
Mila Kunis
I love loose-fitting thigh-highs
Natalie Gauvreau
Check her
Shiny boots; shiny skirt
Against the wall
You guys like bootjobs? [OC]
Come and lick
Merry Christmas, /r/bootfetish!
all the way to the top
Thigh high
Red thigh high
All shiny black with buckle boots
Katie Darling
Pink Patent Boots
Cara Delevingne
New boots, same slut.
Red Patent Leather
She goes by the name EvilWoman
EvilWoman on her strapon date
Liza and friend
Do these boots make me look like a slut? Because that's kinda what I was going for.
Who loves shiny boots like I do?
Just thinking about crushing you underneath them?
My new patent 10 inch pleasers <3
Look up.
I hope you love these as much as I do, because I’m getting ready to get them in
Lick my boots ? ?
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You never thought you and your last dignity would be crushed by something so sweet
Bored and horny. Saturday in quarantine ?
These boots are made for...
Anne Hathaway
Leather boots over leather pants ?
Name a better way to fuck my boots
As always you start from the tip.