Slow Tuesday? How about a pick-me-up?
Feeling sexy, hows it going chesthairporn?
Hi, again, r/chesthairporn
Ladies and Gents of r/chesthairporn, say hello to Pinkerton, my radballs pink guitar!
Happy Sunday, r/chesthairporn. Time to relax before most of us go back to work tomorrow.
Just learned about r/chesthairporn and am a little shy. Should I be?
First post! I didn't know /r/chesthairporn was a thing!
/r/chesthairporn could use a little more GIF, don't you think?
Is my chest hairy enough for ChestHairPorn?
(M)oved into my new appartment and it catches the sun set, didn't Wana miss this
Lumber *Jack* :P
The perfect outfit for winter in the south?
Hello to all the furry chest aficionados! First post here. Hope you enjoy.
Chocolate milk
A little different
Tightey whiteys and some chesthairporn
Dad body starting to get bigger...
Debating whether I should wear these to the gym.
I don't need a shirt to stay warm
Since y'all loved my last post so much
I'll let you play with one present early this year
Happy Boxing day! Here's your deal of the day.
Getting (un)dressed for NYE! ??? Happy 2019! ???
Does chest hair turn you on?
Softie to hardie, haven’t been missing leg day, haven’t trimmed in a while either
And to think I used to shave...
Can't tell if working out makes me hairyer
Guys or gals; anyone need a cuddle bud?
Do I fit in here?
8 months without trimming
[M19] None of my friends have a mane like this
Should I keep posting? [M24]
Can I interest anyone care for a healthy snack?
Upside down [M]
Never shaven, why bother
Moving to New Zealand who wants to say hi?
First post here, how’d I do?
Happy Saturday
Tailored toward your liking [NSFW]
Some hair, some abs, some cock, some quads. Anything else?
It's cold outside, come snuggle
I heard you guys like hairy chests
Here in New Zealand we can hit the gym again 26 M4F
I miss taking pics like this in public for you guys ?
Any love for hairy black men?
Still struggle time to time with my image and body hair after a comment I received,
Got a new haircut I’m pretty excited about
I am once again asking you to stare at my hairy chest
Is my chest hair a gift or a burden?
Hairy chest and a dadbod.
Come have a seat and pick your spot.
Would you like to come run your hands through my hair?
I have no Zoom meetings so I decided to wear my best suit today.
I was supposed to work tonight but started browsing my favorite subs.
Pretty sure I would hit my chest hair if I blow right now…
Can I offer you a nice hairy chest in this trying time?
[40] It's starting to warm up out here.