James Deen, star of the adult screen
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is snazzy
I usually post these to r/ladyboners but since I've discovered this amazing subreddit,
Chandler Massey. Yum!
Marco Dapper, I need a hug ;)
Ah, Q. How lovely your face is.
Matt Bomer: A Gay Gay GentlemanBoner
The boy next door
Jamie Dornan
I think I'm obsessed with him
A curious urge to go hiking
Bed buddy
Adam Cowie :D
He can captain my ship anytime!
I don't know where to look first..
Chris Fawcett
Michael Fassboner
Alexander SkarsgÄrd
Ben Hill
Congrats Christoph Waltz on your Oscar win!
The goofy and hot singer and vlogger Idan Matalon, photo by Sandro Bedini
John Cho, arguably my favorite member of the new!Trek cast.
Damn that angry looks get me every time.
Jesse Spencer
Boyfriend material
Harrison Ford
*chokes* Lee... Lee Pace, everyone.
Garrett Neff, in a spread from Japanese GQ mag, looking hot as usual. (xpost /r/fashpics)
Can we talk about Theo for a second? Minute? Hour? Forever?
I can't be the only one with a boner for Pedro Pascal
Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)
Stephen Thompson, an albino model from Brooklyn. (xpost /r/fashpics)
Swedish straight reality stars on cover of gay magazine
Rugby, instaboner.
No title needed
South African model twins Charlie and Alex Kotze bearing arms (post from ladyboners)
Milo Ventimiglia
Rest In Peace to a beautiful and sexy person.
Any "Game of Thrones" fans? Ian Glen when he was younger (plays Jorah Mormont
Unbuttoned shirt
In car
Nice dudes
Friends taking a selfie
Mister smile
I wonder which country
Smiling at each other