So I discovered that I am a fan of quadfisting.  What other activities were you surprised
I'm going to make it a point to have more of these on the sub regularly
Taking 0neTouch to a whole new level: It only takes one touch to get me to this level
Come on gaysian! Let loose!
East Asian Twink Album
Rawr~ :3
Pornographic Thursdays
[NSFW] My first time, please be gentle ;) PM's welcome.
[NSFW] Fap Day Friday - Hopefully I could help some of you sexy gaysians out today
Dumbo from Poreotics(Dance Group from America's Best Dance Crew). Anyone has the
Steven Yeun penis...?
NSFW: It's already Thursday in Asia, right?
Does Anyone know where this from?
Getting ready for the day
Eugene Lee Yang + Jockstrap + Edible Underwear
Just discovered this sub so thought I'd share something
Was suggested that I should post here. Let's see how it goes... (x-post from /r/gaysian)
Vince Ferraren (Filipino-White Australian)
John Spainhour (Filipino-White American)
i originally posted (my cat that is) on /r/asianladyboners but someone suggested
Uncut Gaysian's midnight stroke
Got these pics from this subreddit. I combined them for a sexy desktop.
Gaysian gaymer here :)
who want a shot at a virgin gaysian asshole
Anyone wanna befriend this skinny Gaysian? :)
Joining the bandwagon! Out of all the finsta selfies I take on a daily basis, this
Gaysian TRICEPS gone wild!
10-year challenge. Still a nerd. ?
This Korean stud
Verse gaysian here. Where are my other gaysians?
Pretty horny Gaysian here into other Middle Eastern men. Pm me.
[33] My Gaysian Hole for Your Caucasian Pole
Been cutting during Pandemic, but lost a lot of muscle mass
Not just the plants ?
Whew! Hot today in NYC ?️☀️
Messy hair, don’t care. ✌?
Posing with the vacuum
Sunny sunday ?☀️?️‍?
gaysian gaymer
[Self] Howdyyy