Rusty, trusty, musty, and lusty
Status report
Some side bush
Glimpse of bush.
After gym naked
Where the trail leads
The sight of my own pubes makes me hard as a rock [27/TX]
Love getting filled with Arab cock.
Just discovered this awesome subreddit, let me know if you'd like more.
Working from home naked
Red and teal
Curly Slimin'
Suck my hairy dick
More fur underneath
Uncut from Brazil
Hair looked cute...
I'm kiiinda horny...
My red-brown bush cushions the impact of my hips on your ass
Last post today I swear
I need this licked up and swallowed, pronto
More of a forest, really
[26]How do you like some Brazilian meat? ?
[26] I prefer white briefs ?
Deep breaths before and after you swallow it
Check these puppies out
My bushy boner
No one expects my bush to be this thick ?
Peek-A-Boo ?
18M, never shaved it before, how's it looking?
Pube City
Freeballin Friday Pubes
Middle Eastern pubes.
Are you a fan of my fur?
Quarantined and bored (29)
Happy hairy (and musky) morning!
'bout to scrub the rug
Do you like my quarantine bush?
Seeing all these cocks has gotten me pretty horny lmao. Anyone down to help? Hmu
I never trim. Love how it smells after a workout
red carpet
Felt kinda curly this morning
Getting bushy
Does my hairy cock earn your respect
I’m a hairy boy now
Virile Spaniard
Proud alpha shows off his dense mane. Who wants a ride?
Strapping young buck has no problem finding service with natural masculine look
Keep it wild
hairy daddy
Penis getting really hairy
Butthole stretcher
Got a stupid hairy penis
Bush & semi-erect cock
Perfect Specimen
A few seconds before soaking my bush in cum
Never trimmed
hairy enough?