My bully Gage's big sweaty bicep chokes me out whenever I break sight of my Mother...
He's such a douchebag...he effortlessly gets his way with all of the babes at school
I told him only douchebags go to the gym, he smugly replied "Only douchebags
My mom loves to dress sluttly for my friends
It's just professional jargon for "size matters".
Your masochistic mom's alone time with her dom.
Mom's made a bunch of new friends AND her skin routine is working wonders. I should
When her plan to help you backfires
[mom] You didn't even reply anything to that taunting message. Just pulled out your
[mom] It's always a gamble...
[mom] You know it, you hate it, you can't do anything about it.
School bullies negotiating with mom
Sister tastes mom
When your mom's new boyfriend is visiting
Cap request - Cock Crazy
Those thugs were taking turns using her again and again for hours
So pretty, and "almost like new", as they say.:)
This booty and plump thighs ready for action
Grandmas need big black cock too!
Mommy is doing everything she can with the coach so you can be in the football team
"Don't worry, dipshit, I always pull out of your dumb mother"
Maybe being used makes your mom's cunt the wettest
You wouldn't want to see any less tasteful photos of your own mother, would you
Sitting next to dad to see his bully use his mom
"And if you can't pay me back?"
You hired a guy who secretly seduces and fucks "wifes, mothers, sisters"
Mom dances for your new step-daddy
Everyone knows now
Matched with the mom of a kid I fought back in highschool on tinder. I stole his
Next time, you should probably text her first!
Fucking your mom doesn't mean he stops being your bully
Wished this was my mom.....i'll let her fuck all the time gawd daamn. What would
Your mom trying to get your bosses attention to help you out in your job.
Your mom loves your bullies cum
It's your fault that your mother gets punished so often
Neither your mom or girlfriend answered their phone when you desperately needed them
They won't bother with you as long as...
Your mom is the best kind of eye candy
Watching my beautiful mother smile was all I need even if it was my bully's cock
You couldn't help yourself. You had to take a peek at your mom and your neighbor!
My bully determined mommy was fit for breeding. He spent the entire day filling her
Nobody can tell your church going mom turn into a cheap stripper for your bully
and I gave her a sloppy kiss after each load
I'm your mother, going to fuck your bully and make you watch.
The word has spread about your bully. The neigborhood moms are starting to join the
"Yes baby, mommy will be home soon..."
It was mommy's first anal and now she's addicted to my bully. I'm happy as long as
My mom wanted to talk to my bully alone, so she can put some sense in him. After
i'm your mother. You come home from school to see your bully leaving my bedroom.
I'm your mother. I send you this text and say tell (your bullys name here) That your
i'm your mom. You come back and find me like this with your bully in the room what
Mommy loves anal
Mommy negotiating with my bully.
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My mom’s purpose
My friend Samuel is always so nice to my mom. Now I know why
How my mom looks at me as I sit in the corner watching her ride my....