My betrothed has forsaken me. Wi[l] gonewanton provide me with comfort?
A [l]ustful lady, punished for her wantonness
Posing for you
A touch of cloth
A [l]ittle respite from the heat
Some good [F]riends
"It's Art!" - Albert Arthur Allen
Rita Sacchetto, 1927
Blonde, Redhead, Brunette
1850 (!)
[L]ady friends
Acropolis Dancer, 1927
Garters and Pearls
Louise Brooks
c. 1880
Great mirror
Photos taken by 1920s photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston
no title found
French postcards
Marilyn Monroe, photographer unknown.
Albert Arthur Allen Boudoir
Alice Wilkie
Brigitte Helm in Metropolis (1927)
Witches' Sabbat
Automobi[l]e Repair
Now pose for the camera.
So much wanton...by Albert Arthur Allen
Ya wanna ride, sailor?
I like bounteous posteriors, truth be told.
Sirs (and Madames) I would like to welcome you all to r/GoneWanton 's re-opening
Sir, having recently had Visitors and Noblemen comment upon the poor presentation
Sir, in these unprecedented modern times of staff demanding wages in excess of sixpence
Sir, I note a growing problem of how to both permit easy access to the wine cellar
The Lady Doth Not Protest
Illustrated Lesbians, 1910
Sir, Upon hearing apparent cries of distress from my wife lady B_____, I did force
Sir,I recently did see MALE staff in feminine dress perform most unnatural acts.
Sir, on this cold all-hallows day I did instruct the fire to be lit, but was informed
Sir, Having recently read upon James Lind's Treatise on the Scurvy, I did petition
Sir, Yesterday I did find maids Rosie and Tillie imagining looking upon themselves
Sir, following an embarrassing evening with Lord Napier, whereupon my ignorance of
Sir, My good friend Lord Codlington did visit and urged me to join his club. I inquired
Sir, Following a visit from Dr Sterndale and his exotic tobacco, I find the smell
Sir, On learning of my inheritance I moved swiftly to survey my new estate. I was
Sir, Noises below stairs: I find maid Clara embracing the rogue greengrocer in a
Sir, A stormy night, gales howling and my very house shakes. A crash awakes me but
Sir, I once more find myself interviewing new staff. Vera is a most uninspiring candidate,
Sir, A great commotion in the drawing room.Maid Molly explains she was standing upon
Sir, I in receipt of much fine Napoleon brandy, circumventing the revenue men for
Sirs and Madames, I see that members of our orchestra have arrived and are already
Sir, Lady B___ is most insistent that I no longer require new staff to remove their
For the interest of club members, "Rosie and Her Wooden Hoop" will be giving
Sir, Squiffy Henderson bets me 5 guineas that I cannot show him something he has
Sir, I overhear maid Lottie bemoaning that she is unable to afford a new hat to wear